12.11.16 Sons of Legalism


Sermon Title: “Sons of Legalism”
Text: Galatians 4:21-31

Main Idea: Legalism is more than a theological error. It is slavery. It is a poison that kills the soul. It was so important to distinguish legalism from the gospel that Paul utilized this analogy: two sons, Ishmael (slave) and Isaac (free), and their two mothers, Hagar (slave) and Sarah (free). We need to identify legalism and guard against it!

1. Legalism bears a surface resemblance to the gospel (v. 22)
2. Legalism is born out of fleshly origins (v. 23)
3. Legalism follows the reflection of its mother’s face found in religion and traditionalism (v. 24-27)
4. Legalism, in the end, will reveal its true colors by persecuting the sons of the gospel (vv. 28-31)