2.19.17 Strategies on Killing the Flesh


Sermon Title: “Strategies on Killing the Flesh”
Text: Galatians 5:16-21

Main Idea: In vv. 16-17, we were introduced to an epic battle within each Christian’s heart between the Spirit and the “flesh” (i.e “sinful nature”). Paul goes on to tell us how we can fight the flesh. We can think of the flesh like weeds in a garden. So how do we kill off these weeds?

1. Recognize the flesh (identifying dandelions vs. crab-grass)

a. Obvious “against-the-law” sins
b. Subtle “under-the-law” sins

2. Deal with the flesh, before it’s too late (infestation)

3. Fight the flesh by spreading generous portions of Christ (gospel-fertilizer)