8.20.17 Sardined Sardis


Sermon Title: “Sardined Sardis”
Text: Revelation 3:1-6

Main Idea: The Church at Sardis had stopped breathing. Jesus was doing CPR. “Wake up!” Oh how Jesus loves His church! He longs for His church to come back to life. Jesus is calling us back to life as well.

1. Jesus’ call to the dead:

– Diagnostic: Are you dead?

– Wake up!

– Strengthen what’s still alive:
1) Remember
2) Repent
3) Recover

2. Jesus’ call to the living:

– Stay awake by walking with Jesus

– Hang onto His promises:
1) Clothed in white (no more sin)
2) Name never blotted out (assurance of salvation)
3) Jesus will personally announce your name