11.12.17 What Do You Fear?


Passage: Revelation 6:1-17
Sermon Title: “What Do You Fear?”

Notes: There are many legitimate things that we should be
afraid of. Many of us, in fact, don’t fear what we ought to fear.
What are we really afraid of and what is our response when our
fears materialize before our eyes? John wants us to reconsider
our fears of things that have happened, are happening, and
will happen as not being products of chance and chaos, but
rooted in the calculated purposes of an all powerful and just
God. Some of the events that occur in our lives today are a
partial judgment on the world that anticipates a future
judgment just as the four horsemen picture the fears of John’s
audience. If we fear what is partial, do we fear what will be
complete? Are you among the people of this world or are you
numbered among those who have been loyal to God? When
God’s judgment comes in fullness, will you stand?

1) What do you really fear?

2) Will you stand?