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Covenantal Worship

Covenantal Worship refers to the practice of worshiping together with our entire community, including our children. We do this, because we consider our children to also be members of our community. Since they are fellow members, we believe that we are called to be faithful to present our entire corporate body, including our children, before the Lord in worship.

We recognize that many Christians are used to a segregated worship based on age, where parents worship in one location while their children worship in another. But we think that this type of worship is not merely a stylistic preference, but a divergence from a biblical understanding of covenant. While Covenantal Worship has its challenges, we have found that our children are far more capable of adapting than we give them credit for. We have been pleasantly surprised by the grace that the Lord has blessed us with, as we have tried to be obedient in this area.

To accommodate younger families, mothers with infants may participate in worship from the viewing room in the back of the sanctuary. At the start of the sermon, children ages pre-school to 5th grade may be dismissed to our special program at the parents’ discretion.

For more information on covenantal worship and its biblical support, see Why Covenantal Worship?

For practical advice on how to prepare your children, especially if they are not accustomed to Covenantal Worship, see “A Message for Children” and Practical Tips for Parents”.